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Extend Your Brand Through Visual Experiences

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Deliver your brand message through engaging spaces.

Design Group can transform your space into an immersive, engaging environment for your customers & employees. From corporate lobbies to retail showrooms & point-of-sale experiences, our design team will spread your brand message through stunning visuals and tactile experiences.

Branded environments are the ultimate asset for companies that understand the value of expressing their brand in everything they do and every place they do it.

-Society for Experiential Graphic Design

Corporate Lobbies

Your company’s lobby design has an emotional impact on how your clients, potential customers, employees and future recruits feel about working with and for your company. Their first impression should reflect your brand mission, values and messaging.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms should be designed with results and flexibility in mind. Adjustable lighting, furnishings, audio/video systems, connectivity, soundproofing & design elements should all work seamlessly together to provide versatile spaces for every type of meeting.


Comfortable and flexible workspaces create engaging and valuable environments for your team. Good design has a tremendous effect on how we think and behave, and engaged employees have been shown to be better communicators and team players.


Is your showroom creating the best possible experience for your buyers? A carefully crafted mix of ambience and floorplan within your showroom can create an environment conducive for transforming “information-gathering” to  “purchasing.”

Retail Spaces

Your retail space should effectively present your brand and products in an emotionally-engaging way while optimizing space and traffic flow. Everything from the lighting, merchandise displays, design elements & sound will affect your customer’s decision to buy.

Product Launches

Developing a strong product launch narrative & design will drive the marketing plan and directly influence future sales. Your message should be strong, visible and clearly communicated in every aspect of your product launch design.

Your Brand. Your Message. Your Space.

Design Group can you assist you through every phase of your Environment design. From pre-planning to selecting graphics, furnishings, material finishes & lighting, we’re here to ensure your brand message remains impactful and meaningful.

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