Established in 1981, Aurora World is a global leader in plush toys and high-quality gift products, and a respected leader in the character and content industry.

Aurora World offers an extensive range of branded and licensed products for children and adults. The company sells its product lines via a wide variety of retailers including major zoos, department stores, high-end toy stores and top gift chains, as well as hospital gift shops, fine florists, candy stores and gift/stationary stores worldwide.

The Brief

Design Group was hired to design & build a new, upscale permanent showroom for Aurora World. Upon its successful completion, they determined that a new Trade Show booth was needed that reflected the new brand experience we created for them.

Our Solution

Design Group designed and built an entirely new immersive experience for their exhibit visitors. Primarily designed for a large 50′ x 60′ space at the annual Toyfair show, we incorporated a number of modular components that would allow the space to be reconfigured each year as well as for smaller events. This creates an opportunity to refine and change the exhibit each year to meet new requirements and changing markets without the need for a complete redesign and rebuild.

Some of the key features that we integrated into their Toyfair exhibit are: illuminated wireless shelves, overhead pillowcase graphics, illuminated banners, and custom window displays and graphics. We managed all of the design, build, install, setup, teardown, shipping and storage along with handling project management for the show itself.