Creative Brands has a team of energetic, fashion-driven product people who travel the world for unique products and bring the very best in color, trend, design & social consciousness to gift and home décor products. Creative Brands products are as diverse as the people buying them; delivering style and selection at attractive price points.

The Brief

Creative Brands were moving from a temporary showroom space to a new, permanent showroom. They needed a team to help them with every aspect of the design/build, and maximizing space to contain multiple brand elements was key.

Our Solution

Design Group created a design plan that allowed for maximum traffic flow throughout the space while retaining flexibility for each of their product lines. We started with a empty shell and created every element of the space from custom lighting, illuminated acrylic signage, custom cabinetry and adjustable shelving systems. Design Group handled every aspect from the design phase through all of the project management and general contracting to provide a truly custom experience that could be easily adjusted and managed over time.