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An Experience as Unique as Your Company

DG Showrooms designs and builds award-winning showrooms in Atlanta as well as locations in Dallas, Las Vegas, and High Point. We’ll partner with you to create a showroom that reflects your product and corporate personality. We also build out for clients that bring their own design from in-house. We are licensed general contractors with over 20 years’ experience in showroom build-outs.

Our Products

For showroom builds, we can furnish and provide a wide selection of items for your space including, but not limited to the following:

Architectural drawings and designs; LED lighting; Vinyl and concrete flooring; Fixtures and flooring to meet ADA requirements; Graphics and signage; Solid surface countertops; Plumbing and HVAC items; Millwork, shelving, cabinetry, and fixtures.

Our Services

Design Group is a full-service organization for building showrooms. We can handle all aspects of your project from start to finish including:

Showroom design; Project management; Estimating, and permit application; Demolition (electrical, plumbing, fixtures, etc.); Electrician services; Construction; Painting and finishing; Floor polishing; Plumbing and HVAC services; Millwork, shelving, and display installation; Graphic design, printing, and installing; Shipment prep, packaging, and shipping services.

Our Process

After contacting Design Group with your scope of work and/or construction request, we may schedule a meeting (online through Zoom or in person) to answer any follow-up questions. Once we have the details we need for an estimate, we work on the quote for the scope provided and will return the estimate by the client specified deadline. If the quote is approved, we immediately create the timeline and schedule for the buildout and get any additional details needed before starting (such as final deadlines, paint colors, etc.)

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