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Once you’ve made the wise choice to beautify your home or office with new cabinetry, DG Cabinetry partners with you every step of the way. We carefully listen to your concepts and preferences, offering our own tasteful and original ideas for you to consider. Together we help you decide which woods, finishes, and hardware will work best to achieve your vision. 

DG Cabinetry is unique in that we have quicker turnarounds on time-sensitive projects, we build our Shaker doors in-house, and we’re 100% American made!

Our Products

Design Group offers custom cabinetry for residential and commercial applications. It includes, but is not limited to, ¾ maple plywood cabinets. Doors and drawers can be inset, inset with Duquette bead, ½” overlay, ¾” or full overlay.

The door and drawer faces can be slab, shaker style, raised panel, glass faced doors, metal mesh inset doors with any decorative hardware desired. We use only Blum soft close hinges and slides on our cabinets.

We offer any trims desired including crown molding or simple trims.

Our Services

We offer design services, quoting, estimates, project management, timelines to ensure your project is on time every time.

We work with your designer, architect, and builder to provide painted, stained, clear-coated cabinets for homes, showrooms and office cabinetry. We can produce custom cabinetry or multiples for repeat builds.

DG Cabinetry is unique in that we have quicker turnarounds on time sensitive projects, we build our doors in house, we’re 100% American made.

Our Process

After contacting us, we work with your plans provided, and come to measure the space to ensure accuracy. We create a line drawing and quote the job for you once all the finishes and materials are determined.

Once the project is approved, we create a timeline and keep you informed of our progress by providing photos. Once the cabinets are complete, we’ll schedule an installation time and you’ll receive text messages and email updates when our installers are on the way to your installation address so you’ll know exactly when they will arrive. No two hour windows!

Cabinetry Types – Cost and Features Comparison

There are three different categories of cabinetry, each with varying levels of features and customization. Before shopping for cabinetry for your home, it is important to know what features you are looking for, the level of quality you expect from your cabinets, and what type will best suit your budget. Below is a description of each type of cabinetry and the pros and cons of each.

Stock Cabinetry

These are standardized cabinets, mass produced, and these have little to no customization options and no special features. Stock cabinetry also tends to be the lowest quality of cabinetry available. Stock cabinets are also known as ‘pre-fabricated’ cabinets. The industry average price for stock cabinetry is $60-$100 per linear foot.

Pros: Pre-fabricated and pre-assembled; easy to install; inexpensive.

Cons: Zero customization; limited options available; low quality materials and hardware often used.

Semi-Custom Cabinetry

These are also standardized, but they offer more customization options than stock cabinets. The different size increments available are what sets semi-custom apart from stock cabinets. Size increases or decreases are typically allowed in 1-inch increments for semi-custom cabinets. Occasionally, semi-custom cabinets will also have varying options for decorative hardware and different paint/wood colors available as well.
The industry average price for semi-custom cabinets is $100-$650 per linear foot.

Pros: More choices available than stock cabinets; 1-inch size increments allow for a better fit into your home; more personal style options like color and hardware choices.

Cons: They often start around the price of stock cabinets, but the price increases quickly with each customizable option added; can’t get a perfect fit due to 1-inch increment limitation; quality of materials/assembly can be on par with stock cabinets.

Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinets are crafted to your exact specifications. These are made to fit your home or space perfectly, and can be tailored to fit your personal style. Custom built cabinets will be made out of your preferred species of wood and built with the highest quality materials and finishes. Master cabinet makers will pay the closest attention to detail to ensure that your custom cabinets are built to last. The industry average price for custom cabinets is $500-$1200 per linear foot.

Pros: Unlimited options; built to last for the entire life of the home; very high quality materials; master craftsmanship; full options for hardware and accessories at your disposal.

Cons: Lengthy build time; availability of certain materials could cause longer lead times; construction and installation are expensive.

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